Thursday, January 28, 2010

Problem in Uploading Slides To Slide Library in SharePoint 2010

Recently when i was trying to check out the new features of Slide Library in SharePoint 2010 i faced a problem while publishing slides to the Slide Library. here are the steps which i performed

1) Created the Slide Library
2) In the slide library i clicked on Upload -> Publish Slides and it opened PowerPoint on my machine (then i selected a PowerPoint Presentation  to open and after that i seleced a few slides to be published)
3) After selecting the slides when i clicked on Publish button (on the Publish Slides Window) i got the following error

http:// is not accessible. Either this location does not exist or you might not have permission to use this network resource.

so i started googling it out. After searching alot on the net. I found other people facing the same issue. I did not find the solution to this problem but got a hint that this has something to do on the client side.

1st thing that you have to ensure that you have Office Professional PLUS installed on your client machine only then you can Publish your slides to SharePoint Slide Library. I already had Office Proessionl PLUS so this was not the problem. Also if you have this problem then you get a different error saying that "This feature requires Microsoft Office PowerPoint Professional". This message is a bit misleading as you actually require Professional PLUS for this to work.

Anyways comming back to my problem. I found that some of the integration features of Office client Applications and SharePoint work poperly only when you have WebClient service running on the client machine. For example features like
Opening a document library using Windows Explorer
Saving documents directly to ShaerPoint document library from withing Office Client Application.

The Operating Stsyem which i was using was Windows Server 2008 R2 (Standard). So i started searching for this WebClient Service to see if it was running or not. I went to Start->Administrative Tools->Services i browsed through all the services but could not find it. then i realised that  had not installed the Desktop Experience feature on my Server (The WebClient service is installed only when you install the Desktop Experience feature on you Server 2008 machine). So i went ahead and installed the feature. Then i again checked the services and i as expected  i saw the WebClient service so i started the service After that i tried to publish the slides again and it worked like a charm....Problem solved!!

So, as a summary here are the steps which i performe to solve the problem

1) Go to Start->Administrative Tools->Server Manager
2)In Server manager Click on Features and the click Add Features
3)Select the Desktop Experience Feature and install it. Then Restart the Server (Required for installation of the feature)
4)Go to Start->Administrative Tools->Services
5)Select the Web Client Service and Start it.

Following the above steps should solve your Problem. If you still face any problem please feel free to post a comment Ill try my best to solve it.


  1. i had problem in uploading slides to slide library in sharepoint site i had done all the above things, while uploading a ppt file , it is asking user credintals , i am giving the system credintals , but it is not accepting.please help me for sorting this issue....

  2. hi
    can u tell me procedure with images for creating slide library ..

  3. Hi Satish,
    Creating a Slide Library is a simple process. Slide library is an OOB document library template. To know the steps to create the slide library visit the following link

  4. Hi ... I did do the steps as you mentioned but still facing the same problem ... any idea?


  5. Hi

    I had the same problem and performed these steps, with the result that now it prompts "needs PowerPoint 2007 or browser is not configured to run ActiveX components". I have Office 2007 prof. plus on my server and Activex is enabled in browser.

    Have any ideas what that is about?

  6. Hey Anshul thanks a lot for that... The comprehensive instructions helped... Spot on!!!

  7. Anshul,
    I have Windows 7. I am trying to publish slides from one presentation on slide library, so I can use it in another presentation. It takes me to C:\Users\Meena\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\PowerPoint\My Slide Libraries, and asks me to select.....what am I supposed to select? Could you please help me?


  8. We have developed web-site using SharePoint 2010. The site allows user to upload and edit the Slides/Presentations.

    Recently our users have been migrated to Outlook 2016 and when they are trying to upload the slides/presentations (through Upload -> Publish Slides) we get error message as -

    'this feature requires microsoft office powerpoint 2007. either the application is not installed or your browser is not configured to support ActiveX controls.'
    We have verified the ActiveX control settings also and it is as required.

    Please suggest the solution for this problem. If we install PowerPoint 2010 on users machine then it works fine. But we need permanent fix without installing 2010 version on every machine.