Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Installing SP2010 with SQL Express in two different boxes

Hi there,

Recently I was trying to install and configure SharePoint server along with SQL Express 2008 R2. While configuring SharePoint server I was stuck with the error which said SharePoint server was not able to find the SQL Server. After a bit of googling i checked my DNS entries, checked SQL Server configuration and double checked the account access at SQL Server. I had to enable Named Pipe and TCP/IP protocols and eventually I landed out with the error saying, Not able to generate SSPI context. Obviously I didn't knew what the error was about and ended up with my old friend google again. After spending 3 long hours on this error without any luck, I went back to check the SQL Server settings. My SQL server was installed as a Default Instance and I don't know why I went ahead and uninstalled the SQL Server Instance and installed it again as a Named Instance this time and voila. Everything worked as a knife in butter and hence I was saved one more time :).

I dont understand what was the issue with the SQL Server Express being installed as a Default Instance, but yes I am going to look for the answer starting from now and will update the post soon.

Thats it for now,
and oh yess..this bolg is alive again..keep looking for more intresting things

P.S. If you already know the reason for this issue, please let me know. I am quite unaware of SQL deployments.