Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can not create MySite in SharePoint 2010

While creating MySite in SharePoint 2010 I got the following error

“Your personal site cannot be created. Contact your site administrator for more information”
I tried a lot of things to fix this error but nothing worked……
finally I decided to create the MySite Host from scratch and it worked like a charm.
Here are the steps which I performed:-
1. Create a Web Application
2. Delete the “sites” managed path
3. Create 2 managed paths
          1. My – Explicit inclusion
          2. Personal – wildcard inclusion

4. Create a site in the above created web application at location /my/ and choose the MySite Host template from Enterprise templates

5. Create a root site collection in the above created Web Application at location “/”. For enabling Self service site creation on that web application
6. Enable self service site creation on that web application

7. Go to Manage Service Applications -> User Profile Service Application and select Setup My Sites

8. Change the path in the My site host location to the new one which you have just created

9. Change the personal site path to “personal”

After doing this MySites should be created without any errors. I think this might be a bug in the Beta Version and will be fixed in the RTM.
I was not able to find the reason why the MySite Host which is created by SharePoint by default was not working but creating a new MySite host seems to solve the problem.

If anyone finds any other solution please feel free to share it with me.


  1. Seeing the same problem in RTM :(

  2. Found some other alternate way. Check

  3. Absolutely brilliant!!! Thanks alot!